Sunday, August 16, 2015

quickie! DIY Leave-In Hair Conditioning Spray

In a spritzer bottle mix some of your favorite conditioner to water--
1:4 ratio in the summer
1:3 ratio in the winter. 
DIY leave-in conditioner hair life hack cone-free long blonde bleached colored
I read a "hack" online that suggested using fabric softener as hair conditioner... (4 tbsp. fabric softener mixed with 3 cups water for a leave-in conditioning treatment and detangle spray)... and my advice for this is NO! DO NOT DO THIS ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE DYED HAIR! Fabric softener stripped the pink and purple semi-permanent dyes from my hair. Scary.
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Anyone remember Lady Lovely Locks? Forget My Little Pony lol I'm not lying when I say this girl has been my life-long hair-inspiration! Those cute little chipmunks, birds, and bunny Pixietails gave her golden blonde hair the most beautiful streaks of purple and pink and blue, she was so lucky!!
lady lovely locks coloring booklady lovely locks doll with pixie tail petsLady Lovely Locks PixiTails childrens book Fairy Tale Adventure blonde doll
And remember when Lady Lovely Locks made friends with a mermaid from Enchanted Island?
Maiden Golden Waves had beautiful seahorse, turtle, snail and fish Pixietials
maiden golden waves pixietails mermaid blue hair lady lovely locks gif running with pixie tails flying around her head

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