Sunday, May 26, 2019

How to Curl your Versafiber Wig by Paula Young

I bought "Shannon" versafiber wigs with all the hopes and dreams of changing it's style up like real hair. I want *bouncy*curls! Paula Young says you can curl versafiber hair with a curling iron up to 350(F)- their tutorial video says to curl then clip the curl until cool. Is it seriously that easy? NOT IN MY EXPERIENCE.
Try #1: I did exactly what Paula Young told me to, curl then clip. I have a 1" curling iron. But when it cools and I removed the clips and finger-combed my versafiber the hair flopped flat. LAME.
 Review Versafiber hair tutorial Shannon by Paula Young wig A1136

So try #2: I wrapped cool hair back up in curled clips, then I lightly steamed them with a handheld steamer, and let dry before unclipping. (This is what you do if you want to create curls or waves in synthetic hair wigs 😉 if you want super loose waves undo the clips before the hair fully dries)
tutorial steam curling wig hairVersafiber curling wig hair tutorial featuring Shannon by Paula Young
And again finger-combing = ugly, sad curls ☹️
Water boils at 212(F) so I didn't ruin the hair, don't worry.
Shannon A1136 Golden Wheat 14/88A#8 rooted blonde bob

OK- so try #3 we will go over the flat curls again with a curling iron. Not giving up!!
using a curling iron on heat friendly Paula Young wig 
Well... it looks slightly better than the first try 🤷
Is this as much bounce as I get?! WTF PAULA?!

Paula Young says you can heat-style Versafiber hair and the new style will be "locked in"-- meaning you can wash the wig and it will return to your style. So let's test that theory! I drenched the wig in water, no shampoo, shook a little, and let dry...
wash hairpieces shake dry use fabric softener as conditioner
WHY won't the back of the wig stay curled?!
That hair is WORTHLESS!! Flat no matter what.

Final thoughts: Versafiber hair isn't special.

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