Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Testing TCA peels after Rosacea

I have type 2 rosacea and it took about 4 years to get under control. I used 100% tea tree oil on my face for over a year, then TTO with Tazoret, and then a mix (50% tea tree oil/50% macadamia nut oil) everyday and the pustules have stopped (5 months now). I still should be using Tazoret but I'm just so tired of the struggle, and Covid makes going to the pharmacy extra hard, so I haven't lately. Oh well I don't look too bad.
But the rosacea war has left me with ice pick scars all over my face ☹️ I don't know how to fix them- tca peels? 🤷 it's been a long time... Let's do one just to see if it's safe and if it brings back any more pustules...
I did 20% tca, a lot of my face frosted.Remember that it's better to do layers of low % than just using a stronger %.
And important: I'm still using my tea tree oil mix everyday!
Results: some extra small cyst acne did bubble up on my chin. The dead skin sitting there blocks pores before the skin peels off- I've had this issue every time I TCA peel. This is regular acne and not rosacea nightmare acne ♥️ thank goodness!! No pustules 🙂That's good because I'll need about a thousand more tca peels to get rids of these scars. (In the pics the scars are on the lower left of my mouth, on my cheeks and nose, and by my righteyebrow inthe center of my face 🤦)
Update: I did another TCA peel and no pustules this time either 🙂 yay! BUT I did notice that it didn't burn when applied over the ice pick scars ☹️ I felt nothing. No pain.
I think that's a really bad sign.
* * * * * *
UPDATE: the first peel was about June 1st, now today July 4th I woke up to a pustule on my chin 😳 the life cycle of demodex is about 21 days... But also we're in the middle of a pandemic and I've had to wear a face mask in 90 degree heat- I can't say for sure what caused this pustule... Update: not a nightmare of rosacea, just a 1 time incident 😅

Monday, April 27, 2020

(review) BEE VENOM Face Mask by Lanocreme

Who wouldn't want to get stung by bees? 😂
 Tighten, brighten, and rejuvenate my skin!
I don't torture myself nearly enough lately 😊
Marshalls/TJ Maxx for $5.99!
Lots of great ingredients like: avocado, almond, rosehip oils; collagen, elastin, lanolin, manuka honey, cocoa butter; royal jelly and of course bee venom! 🐝
Instructions say to apply the creme SPARINGLY and leave on 15minutes... Or leave on overnight. OK, cool.
So I applied a thin layer before bed, and WOW! yes this stings! LOL the pain goes away after 2min
 but the tingle remains long after.
I did not wash it off my face, here's my face 30min after application, looks the same.My skin feels softer 🙂
Day 3: I'm not looking much better, huh?
Day 5: I don't know, my skin looks unimproved
🤷 I think this is all hype

Sunday, April 12, 2020

(review) mesh waist taming corset from Corset-Story.com

Mesh corsets are very popular right now because you can wear them daily and year-round. They're more breathable, flexible, and lightweight. The only pitfall is that sheer fabric stretches out over time.
mesh underbust corset review Corset-Story Corsetdeal Orchard waist cincher
I decided to order my first "waist taming" corset because Corset-Story.com had a good sale (buy 1 get 3 free)... But nah, bruh. This corset is all wrong ☹️ I ordered this "hot pink" lace and jewel corset...
I guess my expectations were too high.
The website says this corset has 10 lightweight "stainless steel bones" (4mm wide each). I suspect it's actually "vinyl" 🤔 because this corset is way too flimsy to be called 'boning'-I am tempted to cut it open to find out what is really inside (if I do one day I will take pics and update the post)
All the orange fabric is sheer polyester (itchy) and the white fabric is cotton. The laces are ribbon. *Your first red flag that a corset is for novelty only is the laces- ribbon laces are a joke. The ad says this corset can reduce your waist up to 4 inches 😂 that's a lie.
I could almost close the corset, I think I chose the perfect size. But the corset did not suck in my belly pooch 😂 I don't really have a belly pooch but this corset gave me one?? Ok... I just didn't feel like this corset was squeezing me in or hugging me tight.
I like the corset has a zipper. Busks suck sometimes.
I like that this corset has 4 small pockets but they're too small, like 2x2 inch. What can I fit in here?
And a gem was missing off the corset before I even tried it on ☹️ so I expect more to fall off quickly. Sad.
The "spiral steel bone" sample included with the corset is total bullshit because the corset is flimsy and flexible as hell! The sample is stiff and hard to bend- this is what I expected but not what I received.
Overall I'm not happy with this purchase and I'm glad I didn't pay full price. I would never pay full price for a corset from Corset Story. The shipping took a little over a week.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

(review) EARTH TO SKIN Super Fruits Starter Kit

I bought this little skincare set because I'm a sucker 🤷 what else can I say? I like blueberries and bananas. 
This kit cost $9.98 and they're all travel size products. 
The full sized are $6-8 each.
 Blueberry Exfoliating Cleanser: smells yummy! Has tiny little microbead scrubby things in it. This is a gentle cleanser, my face felt good afterwards.
Banana Eye Cream: smells like bananas! Unfortunately I think this makes my undereyes look more sunken in and gross, kinda greasy (maybe it's the squalene?). I wanted to like this but No.
Citrus Day Gel Cream: smells orange-y. I think I like this, but it makes my skin feel a little sticky. I'm ok with using this at night not for daytime. I don't want to purchase full size.
Contains things I like: Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide
Avocado Overnight Mask: not much of a scent. I think this is a basic moisturizer. I don't really like it. Why does this contain beeswax?

Monday, August 5, 2019

Toning Blond Wig with Gentian Violet

I own two Paula Young "Shannon" wigs in color 14/26A#8 Sunkissed Rooted (medium Ash blonde with medium golden blonde highlights, with medium golden brown roots)-- it's a little too WARM toned for my liking 😝 too orange!
So I tried to tone it with gentian violet.
First I tried 2  tablespoons gentian violet in a bucket of water and let my wig sit 10min. No real change...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

 Second try I had 4 tablespoons gentian violet in the bucket of water and let the wig sit overnight... OK yes this made a HUGE difference! 😆 
Be warned it dyed the wigcap bright purple- this would be a problem if my wig didn't have bangs. 
I would never do this with a lacefront or mono top.

And warning: if my wig had been a more platinum I have no doubt it would turn out lilac.
Strawberry blond is my jam! 🍓
It looks very rose gold now, doesn't it?
More youthful and hipster 😎

Sunday, May 26, 2019

How to Curl your Versafiber Wig by Paula Young

I bought "Shannon" versafiber wigs with all the hopes and dreams of changing it's style up like real hair. I want *bouncy*curls! Paula Young says you can curl versafiber hair with a curling iron up to 350(F)- their tutorial video says to curl then clip the curl until cool. Is it seriously that easy?
Try #1: I did exactly what Paula Young told me to, curl then clip. I have a 1" curling iron. But when it cools and I removed the clips and finger-combed my versafiber the hair flopped flat. LAME.
 Review Versafiber hair tutorial Shannon by Paula Young wig A1136

So try #2: I wrapped cool hair back up in curled clips, then I lightly steamed them with a handheld steamer, and let dry before unclipping. (This is what you do if you want to create curls or waves in synthetic hair wigs 😉 if you want super loose waves undo the clips before the hair fully dries)
tutorial steam curling wig hairVersafiber curling wig hair tutorial featuring Shannon by Paula Young
And again finger-combing = ugly, sad curls ☹️
Water boils at 212(F) so I didn't ruin the hair, don't worry.
Shannon A1136 Golden Wheat 14/88A#8 rooted blonde bob

OK- so try #3 we will go over the flat curls again with a curling iron. Not giving up!!
using a curling iron on heat friendly Paula Young wig 
Well... it looks slightly better than the first try 🤷
Is this as much bounce as I get?! WTF PAULA?!

Paula Young says you can heat-style Versafiber hair and the new style will be "locked in"-- meaning you can wash the wig and it will return to your style. So let's test that theory! I drenched the wig in water, no shampoo, shook a little, and let dry...
wash hairpieces shake dry use fabric softener as conditioner
WHY won't the back of the wig stay bouncy curls?!
That hair is disappointing ☹️
Final thoughts: Versafiber hair isn't special.