Sunday, August 2, 2015

My TCA Peel At Home Experience (#2)

kittenplay kitten play painful bdsm tca peel burn sting sunburn ouchdiy tca peel frosting painful red skin rinsed off neko girlcat ears cute tca peel burn skin red funnystirring shit gif
I decided to try another TCA peel at home, because the first time pics weren't horrific enough! lol
So this is my 20% TCA peel, it's amazing how super model-beautiful I look in these pics
 as my face was burning off :-) I know you're jealous, haters gonna hate!
tca peel undereye wrinkles cheek diy ebay muac acidtca peel blistered skin light red cheek wrinkleswhite ferret hamster winking gif cute smalldiy tca peel pain skin pink wash face
I rinsed off the peel after 3 minutes (I think) and my face had this gorgeous rose gold *glow* wow!
(tca peel timeline photos)
diy acid peel tca muac dry skin burn blister scab marks large poresdry skin wrinkles tca peel diy acid muac glycolic lactic mandelictca peeling acid not cute gross dry flakes wrinkles peel scab burnstar trek captain picard gif haha hehe joke funny red uniform
Clearly I failed to apply the peel evenly all over my face because I ended up with a big burn spot on my cheek :-(
tca peeling on cheek and chin wrinkles under eyes forehead diytca peel burn scab marks acid aha skin face diy muacdry skin peeling flaking around nose are facehappy busy bee bouncing gif small
By day 3 my skin was super dry and tight and starting to peel. Moisturizing was pointless.
face peel sunburn tca acid burn lip rings blue eyessurprise wrinkles blue eyes wing eyeliner lipringserious heavy under eye wrinkles young woman face peel tca glycolic acidskin peeling under eye area face wingged eyeliner pinup girl diy muac tca dry
I had to walk out in the world looking like a burn victim all week- think about this before you decide to do a DIY TCA peel! There's no hiding this nightmare from your friends or classmates or coworkers- especially not family! haha
tca peel flaking skin face pink hair lipringsirritated rough cheek skin tca peel large pores glycolic acid ahacute brown ferret hamster winking gifrosacea pink cheeks irritation sunburn skin peel face tca lactic mandelic muac ebayno face makeup without foundation bad skin after tca peel ugly worse than before
By day 7 I'm basically done peeling but my face looks like crap, where'd this acne come from?
healing after tca peel red spots skin face cheek black liquid eyeliner pink hairfine lines wrinkles under eyes tca peel crepey skin peeling acid diy at homesable ferret sticking tongue out gif cute funnybeautiful pink earrings matching pink blonde hair lipstick eyeliner soft smooth skin
I tried to cover up this "great new skin!" with some makeup but... it only made me look more fabulous!!
pink purple hair duck face lips beautiful skin after tca peel pimples red splotches makeup concealerdita von teese powdering her face makeup gifcakey concealer cover up pimples bad skin ugly teenager
My face looks cakey and the TCA peel didn't remove any fine lines from my undereyes :-(
light blue green eyes black liquid eyeliner mascara pretty hooded eyelidsbitch i'm fabulous aristocats white cat gif
I tried a Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque to get rid of the red spots and pimples *deep breath* OK!
queen helene mint juliep face mask gif pink hair purple flower green scary pimplesafter using queen helene mint face masque acne skincareafter diy tca peel skin recovered finished peeling looks younger smaller pores happy great success
This TCA peel was another GREAT SUCCESS! OH YAY! I look so great... >fail<
.grumpy cat party celebration gif streamers confetti.

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