Saturday, August 8, 2015

Natural Hacks: Hair Coloring & Highlights

DIY lightening blonde hair enhancing redheads rich brunette chocolate brown coffee at-home hacks
Sometimes I want to enhance my hair color and the hippie in me wants to do it naturallyhappy bouncing cloud kawaii gif white
Hair Rinse Hacks: make these teas and soak hair for 30+minutes; then allow to air-dry
Different methods for hair rinses include filling a bowl with the tea and sitting there while hair soaks; plugging up a sink and using a cup to continuously rinse tea through hair; spraying tea into hair and wearing a shower cap; or simply spraying into hair.
Hair rinses need to be repeated often, results are not immediate nor permanent :-( it's just like a self-tanning lotion: repeated use builds up the color change and then casual use as necessary to maintain/upkeep the color
diy hack how to add highlights to brown hair naturally
Brunette Hair:
Sage (darken hair)
Black Tea (chestnut highlights)
Clove (chestnut highlights)
Rosemary (warm tones)
Parsley (lightens)
Marigold (gold and red highlights)
Cinnamon (dark lowlights, red tone)
Hibiscus Flower (red highlights)
how to lighten blond hair naturally diy hack natural methodsBlonde Hair:
Marigold (golden highlights)
Lemon juice- mix with water & spray on hair before blowdrying or going in the sun
Chamomile Tea [I've tried this and it made my blonde hair very yellow]
Sunflower Petals
Honey [I've tried this and it turned my blonde hair orange, do not recommend!!]
redhead red pink hair dye natural alternatives color enhance berries henna tea soak marinateRed Hair:
Cranberry juice
Calendula (auburn highlights)
Red hibiscus
Carrots (for golden tone)
Beet juice
Saffron (yellow/orange hue)

thought of growing gray hair give me diarrhea poop emojipearls necklace young old natural tint dye for grey hair ironic tonerfor Grey Hair wanting it's color back:
Brown hair: black tea, rosemary,
boiled potato water
Dark Brown: sage
Medium Brown hair: tag alder bark chips
Blonde: rhubarb root, licorice root, catnip
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