Saturday, September 12, 2015

Aphogee 2 step Protein Treatment

I use this intense APHOGEE protein treatment once/month. The real hack to using this is to pour a small amount in a spray bottle and spray it onto your already damp, unshampooed hair! Then blow dry until your hair is rock hard. In the winter sometimes I sit in front of a space heater to dry it, haha. The treatment does not work as well if you let it just air dry, because the protein needs heat & water to bond to your hair.
pour the protein treatment into a spray bottle to use more easilyblowdrying hair upside down purple surprise protein treatment heat source damaged breaking fragile
It gets really scary after blow drying lol I won't lie! Do not play with it or touch it, just rinse it out & apply a deep conditioner. The APHOGEE "Balancing Moisturizer" is not a good conditioner and if you choose to use it you need to let it sit a full hour under a shower cap! Otherwise use your favorite deep conditioner for at least 30minutes (protein treatments make your hair thirsty!)
stiff hard hair needs deep conditioning treatment after protein maskscary aphogee 2 step protein treatment damaged hair before moisturizingMarilyn Monro black & white gif face on hand palm turn head glove
follow this hair processing order:  bleach --> protein treatment --> deep conditioning ---> hair dye
If you're using a semi-permanent/vegetable dye like me- I mix it the dye straight into my deep conditioner and dye my hair in the same day as this protein treatment. People using permanent hair dye might want to wait 1-2days after deep conditioning.
funny scary silly making faces gig green tshirt lavender hair blondewhite albino ferret hair protein treatment soft hair smooth purple girl aphogee sally beautydancing smiley face gif yellow small happy
These treatments leave my hair feeling smooth and less frizzy/fluffy, definitely less damaged and it breaks less. Good hair is a balance between protein and moisture, APHOGEE 2-STEP is my best friend <3 even though it smells like cat pee... just fyi...
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*semi-permanent/vegetable dyes: pravana vivids, sparks, special effects, jerome punky colours, manic panic, joico color intensity
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BEWARE: I don't know if it's just me (my fine hair is naturally blond & bleached) but this Aphogee 2 Step protein treatment tends to turn my blond hair (especially the roots) ORANGE! I can never use it without having to tone my hair afterwards. So if your hair is like mine, my best recommendation is to spray this treatment on the length of your hair and avoid the roots as much as possible. The length of your hair is what needs the most protein help anyways.

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