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Manic Panic releases JEM & HOLOGRAMS Dye October 1st!

 In honor of the Jem & the Holograms movie being released October 23rd, and just in time for Halloween, Manic Panic is releasing 4 "special" Jem & the Holograms "inspired" hair dyes!
JEM "Pink"
KIMBER "Orange Red"
SHANA "Violet"
AJA "Turquoise"
jem kimber shana aja manic panic hair dye new movie brush bottlejem holograms dancing playing concert gif music original cartoon jem holograms movie concert scene costumes music dyed hair keyboard
I'd like to congratulate Manic Panic on their cold-blooded capitalism here! *slow clap* because instead of actually giving a fck and giving Jem & the Holograms the truly outrageous hair dye collection they deserve-
Manic Panic threw their old dye into some new packaging and increased the sale price.
jem holograms logo original cartoon pink hair sticker dolljem holograms movie poster octomer 2015 pink hair disappointingjem holograms music movie poster faces aja kimber shana sign lights
Let me clarify my hate:
Cartoon-Kimber's hair is RED but Movie-Kimber's hair is ORANGE. Manic Panic is selling "Orange Red" for Kimber and putting Cartoon-Kimber's face on the bottle. FAIL! The only cartoon character whose hair was even close to orange was Video. SO WHY DIDN'T MANIC PANIC DO A WHOLE LINE OF HAIR DYES FOR ALL THE JEM&HOLOGRAM CHARACTERS? -LOL because the other characters aren't in the movie, LAME!!
totally outrageous jem holograms 1980s cartoon poster jerrica rio cartoon classic jem outrageous pink manic panic hair dye raya danse dolls comicjem holograms hair dye manic panic kimber red orange video doll ugly
jem aja gif playing music holograms concert fishnets guitar flashing lightsjem holograms manic panic shana rio violet purple synergy clash dolls hair dyejem aja holograms manic panic hair dye movie new stormer doll 2015
Manic Panic's Jem&Holograms collection is selling for $20/bottle which is a RIPOFF when they sell the same size (4oz) "Squeeze Bottle" for $17.50 and "Classic Cream Formula" for $13.99 on their website! So why the price increase? I'm sure it's because of the worthless "brush applicator" on the top of the Jem&Holograms bottles.
manic panic amplified squeeze bottle wild colors available vegetable hair dye manic panic classic cream formula hair dye all colors variety available
These Jem&Holograms colors are clearly colors that Manic Panic already had and re-packaged, nothing new or exciting. JEM "Pink" and KIMBER "Orange Red" glow under black light-- WOW!! so do some of the Manic Panic "Classic Cream Formula" dyes!! I bet JEM "Pink" is actually re-packaged "Cotton Candy Pink" and KIMBER "Orange Red" is actually re-packaged "Electric Tiger Lily". You can get these in normal Manic Panic tub packaging $13.99!
* * * * * * * * * *
Let me also clarify some hate on this related to the JEM movie:
ONLY 2 OF THE ACTRESSES IN THE MOVIE ACTUALLY DYED THEIR HAIR FOR THE ROLES: KIMBER & AJA! The other actress used fake hair pieces and wigs, this is immensely disappointing to me. Like the actresses playing Jem & Shana weren't passionate enough about their roles to want to eat and sleep and breathe Holograms :-(
movie jem holograms actresses aja kimber jem shana on set filmingaja shana kimber jem holograms movie teal hair purple orange pinkjem holograms movie singing pink lipstick hair spiked jacker leather
 Plus Rio doesn't have purple hair in the movie- WHY??
jem holograms cartoon rio purple hair shocked confused hot handsome movieryan guzman rio jem holograms movie bad hair ugly actor lamejem rio kissing gif holograms cartoon opening scene love jerrica
The movie also changed Synergy-- it's not longer Cartoon-Synergy the "futuristic hologram technology that can make magic happen"-- NO!! Movie-Synergy is a little toy robot that projects movies on the wall... SERIOUSLY??
original jem holograms synergy cartoon magical technology rainbow purple hairjem holograms new movie 2015 synergy robot projector stupid toy
There's also NO MISFITS IN THE MOVIE! No Pizzazz, No Stormer, and No Roxy!
UPDATE Edit: the Misfits make an appearance in the last 2 minutes of the movie as the credits start to roll- the evil record producer goes to them and tells them she needs them to make it HUGE and destroy Jem. Pizzazz agrees when she hears Rio is in love with Jem... so I guess Pizzazz has a thing for Rio and a sequel was in the works (LOOOL yeah right! this movie bombed!)

Apparently Kesha plays "Pizazz", Hana Mae Lee plays "Roxy" (Roxy was not Asian in the cartoon but okay...), Katie Findlay plays "Stormer" (where's the crazy blue curly hair? this was terrible casting, what a crappy movie!), and Eiza Gonzalez plays Jetta (Jetta is originally was from the UK,  and Eiza is Mexican-- so why not have Eiza play Raya instead?? common sense!)- so yeah, WTF?? This Misfits inclusion to the movie was kept a secret and there's so much hate on the movie before it even premiered, even now knowing Misfits ARE in the movie won't help it from BOMBING at the box office! LOL and since *surprise* Misfits are in the movie,
Manic Panic really missed out $$$ on more hair dye colors!
misfits jem holograms stormer pizzazz roxy cartoon doll box green blue white hairmisfits roxy pizzazz stormer bullies jem holograms mean awesome makup hair
The movie is NOTHING like the original JEM cartoon! And here's why: Universal Pictures got rights to "Jem" and threw the project to some 20-something MEN who admittedly had idea who Jem was until starting the project. WOW! SMART THINKING, UNIVERSAL&HASBRO! No original cast, writers, or producers worked on this Jem movie!
Edit: Samantha Newark who is the original voice of "Jem" plays a hairstylist in this movie, WOW.
jem holograms shy red earrings pearl necklace cute pink hair bow blonde cartoonjem holograms movie producers asian male men universal studios
So the 20-something MEN making this movie "watched" a couple of the original Jem cartoon episodes and slapped together a movie script pretty much copying the bombed "Josie & the Pussycats" movie.
This movie's storyline is NOTHING like the original Jem cartoon! movie pics:
SPOILER: in this movie Jem sings a song and it blows up on YouTube, blah, blah, and the record company wants to make her famous but she has to dump the the end she decides friendship is most important AWWW! "Josie and the Pussycats" should sue- except Universal produced that movie, too! Coincidence??
dolls jem jerrica kimber aja shana rio pizzazz roxy stormer cartoon collectionjem holograms dolls raya synergy danse video clash jetta collection
Molly Ringwald (original Brat Packer) and Juliette Lewis (Kalifornia) are 80s legends in their own rights, I'm completely baffled how they could sign up for this crap movie and participate in the destruction of our childhood heroine!
Why do they want to destroy an icon like JEM?!
Juliette Lewis plays the evil record company producer ERICa RAYMOND- WHY?? Juliette has her own band in real life,
she would make a perfect Pizzazz. This movie is pure trash and wasted potential.
juliette lewis molly ringwald jem holograms movie set actresses 2015juliette lewis band scientology makeup jem holograms mental illness
>> I feel physically ill after writing this post <<
mel gibson braveheart blue face paint makeupjem holograms movie 2015 makeup artist pink face hair depressed creepyjem holograms movie concert music jam instruments playing pink red purple blue green hair makeup
Update: the actresses at the movie premiere, WoW they look so crazy cool, I'm soo excited!! NOT, thanks.
jem punk rock hand symbol gesture holograms movie concert fun music

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