Friday, October 23, 2015

Truth About Micro Beads and USA's Water Quality Control

exfloiating microbeads are not being filtered out of clean waterNatural face and body scrub hacks are becoming ever more popular lately with the government's continuous restrictions and banning of micro beads... BUT everyone is missing the real point here:
"Micro beads" are not too small to be filtered out, anything we are able to see with our eyes should be filtered out! Even cheesecloth would filter these beads out. The GOVERNMENT IS TOO LAZY AND TOO CHEAP TO APPROPRIATELY CLEAN WASTE WATER and instead of taking responsibility and fixing the problem, they're diverting attention! They're blaming cosmetic companies as their scapegoats and consumers just jump on the bandwagon like lemmings because "oh, no! the poor fishies!!" It doesn't matter if they outlaw micro beads, plenty of other trash is still getting through the water plant filtration system to hurt the fish!
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Google it for yourself- trace amounts of everything from coke to bipolar medications are in the water we drink & shower with! You're putting random pharmaceuticals in your body whether you want to or not,
and the government says "who cares? it's just a small amount, it's fine!" -SERIOUSLY, OBAMA?!
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Hanging Lake waterfalls trail Colorado Glenwood Springs summerSo fish are being found with plastic micro beads in their stomachs-
and fish are being found with extra estrogen linked to birth control pills in their system--
and human children with their developing brains are
ingesting anti-psychotics&depressants by simply brushing their teeth---
Autism rates have jumped 30% in 2 years = No coincidence!
 Why is the government releasing DANGEROUS pollutants into our water??
Don't blindly follow politicians trying to win votes, or believe everything you see on tv news,
know the facts- and know the truth behind those facts- then fight the right battle!Tamra Barney THAT'S MY OPINION gif screaming RHOC housewives orange countytiny green turtle avatar pic jpg light green dark grass shell

P.S.- at least 25% of bottled water companies just re-package tap water without filtering or testing it...

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill
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3/11/2016 UPDATE: have you heard about the government-induced water crisis in Flint, Michigan? 2 years now and still citizens still cannot shower safely- the government doesn't care about providing citizens with clean water! The USA isn't a 3rd world nation but it has tax-paying citizens, good people, forced to survive by pouring water on a washcloth and wiping their bodies down instead of a real shower. How is this okay??

Did you hear about the EPA mine "clean up team" accidentally dumping 3 BILLION GALLONS of contaminated water into the Colorado River in August 2015? Rural residents, wildlife, and farms downstream are suffering but the government is not actively trying to rectify that situation. Life is contaminated, farm soil is destroyed so families go hungry and businesses fail, millions of river fish died and now the predators are starving- but the government doesn't care. Those predators (like coyotes, for example) have to search for alternative food sources and end up in cities eating pet dogs-- and end up getting killed by humans. Unnecessary killing and harm to everyone involved, caused by the government: caused by the EPA! The EPA is supposed to help the environment not destroy it, what a joke! And the biggest reason they're not cleaning up the mess or trying to help the situation is because they "don't have the funding"- HAHAHA LIES! Obama spent $70.5million on family vacations between 2009 and 2015! The government doesn't care about anyone but it$elf, remember that!

And March 2016 New Jersey banned 30 public schools from having running tap water because of high lead contamination. According to the World Health Organization, lead exposures contribute to 600,000 new cases of intellectual disabilities in children each year.

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