Wednesday, October 14, 2015

review: Argan Oil Perfect Intensity hair dye (pure purple, pure magenta, pastel bubblegum)

One n Only ARGAN OIL Perfect Intensity hair dye is available at Sally Beauty for $6.99
These semi-permanent hair colors are honestly AMAZING for the price, I'm impressed!
(except the pastel bubblegum color lol that one didn't show up at all on my bleached hair GRRR)
perfect intensity argan oil hair dye sally beauty purple magenta pinkdwarf midget game of thrones hardcore hand sign punk rockargan oil perfect intensity pastel pink bubblegum hair dye review
Argan Oil Perfect Intensity "Pure Magenta" = Punky Colour "Flamingo Pink" / Joico Color Intensity "Pink" /
Pravana "Magenta"
pravana vivids swatch wild orchid violet magenta compare reviewjoico color intensity pink sparks purple passion hair dye
Argan Oil Perfect Intensity "Pure Purple" is straight-up PURPLE. Just neutral PURPLE.
If you're looking for a blue-toned purple, you want to check out Punky Colour "violet", Pravana "violet" or Sparks "purple passion".
punky colour flamingo pink hair dye review magenta fuschia brightPunky Colour hair dye VIOLET purple Jerome Russell photos in sunlight
Punky Colour dye smells the best! And "violet" is my favorite blue-toned purple color ever.
This is the Argan Oil Perfect Intensity display at my local Sally Beauty store, with swatches:
cute hamster gif rolling around hamtaro adorable tinyargan oil perfect color intensity display sally beauty supply swatchesargan oil color intensity swatches  review magenta emerald red blue purple
I dyed streaks of Sparks "Purple Passion" + Argan Oil "Pure PURPLE" + "Pure MAGENTA" in my hair.
Sparks "Purple Passion" is BLUE violet.
Argan Oil "Pure PURPLE" is a standard  Barney Dinosaur purple color:
justin beiber calvin klein black boxers fashion week tattoos hot bodytoothbrush application hair dye sparks purple violet pravana messy hack hair dye silver purple pink blond highlights bleach protein trendsBarney dinosaur purple friendly children PBS educational tv singing love
If you look at my front hair bangs in the pics, you see how white they are? I bleached them and applied the Argan Oil "Pastel Bubblegum" but that baby pink hair dye washed right out! WTF?! So that's why I'm not discussing that color, it didn't even stick to my hair, BIG FAIL! I would assume the other Argan Oil 'pastel' colors are just as worthless.

Colors stayed vibrant for about 4 washes, but then Pure MAGENTA color faded into a dusty rose/mauve which was weird... it almost looked exactly like Pravana "Wild Orchid"/purple color instead of fuchsia pink:
One n Only Argan Oil hair dye from Sally Beauty color Bubblegum Pink Pastelsparks one only argan oil magenta pure purple passion sparks pravana violetargan oil intensity pure purple magenta faded hair dye silver
This last set of pics shows my hair after a week of washing my hair daily, very faded and silvery,
it's super disappointing to me that the MAGENTA didn't fade to a lighter pastel pink color, it got ugly/muddy:
ferret gif winking playing smiling nodding pink nose cutefaded hair dye sparks purple passion argan oil bleached blondewhite ferret wink winking gif cute funny cartoonwashed faded hair lavender pastel purple lavender pink silver bluewhite ferret winking giggle happy cute albino
CONCLUSION: One n Only ARGAN OIL Perfect Intensity hair dye did not damage my hair at all (unlike Ion brand dyes, do NOT try those! worst dye ever! left my hair dry and damaged, plus color washed out in a day WTF) One 'n Only Argan Oil dyes can be really hit or miss depending on the color you want lol but that's the same with every hair dye brand! "Pure Purple" fades into a perfect lavender hair color. It seems like the pink Argan Oil dyes are terrible tho- the MAGENTA faded weird/ugly dusty rose and the BUBBLEGUM wouldn't even stick to my bleached hair = useless! I do plan on trying out the green or blue colors in the future, seriously this Argan Oil Intensity hair dye is good quality for the price.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Extra WARNING about the "Pure MAGENTA":
I dyed some Pure Magenta streaks into my friend's blonde hair, and even used a color sealer on her hair afterwards- well 3 weeks later the MAGENTA looks like it bled into all the surrounding blond hair. (my friend doesn't want her pic on the internet so I had to draw one for you sorry) Color-bleeding can happen with any dye, but I've never experienced it to this horrific extent:
kim kardashian crying ugly cry no teethdiagram of bleeding hair dye into bleach blond faded ugly touch-up
So just a warning, if you're using MAGENTA especially- I hope you're not doing highlights because it will get messy!
And there's no way to fix it except to bleach the dye out (it won't fade out for months)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Update: I have now tried the Argan EMERALD GREEN & MIDNIGHT BLUE & NEON PURPLE dyes. My hair is naturally a dark blonde and I did not bleach before dying. I let the dye sit overnight before rinsing out.
Here are pics of my unicorn hair after a week of daily washing:
green arrows = Argan Emerald Green (fades fast, huh?)
blue arrows = Argan Midnight Blue (good blue, but fades greenish)
pink arrows = Argan Neon Purple (fades fast to a dark fuchsia color)
purple arrows = Sparks Purple Passion


  1. Haha I'm dyeing over the one n'only emerald green right now (faded since october on natural ash/honey blond hair to almost gray/kind of looked like moss) with the pure purple and some highlights of pure magenta. We'll see what happens! from your pics it seems like the two colors aren't much different. Oh well... worst case scenario at least my hair won't be fried if I have to dye over the purple to fix it(the green dye actually made it super soft).

  2. For corrections go Walgreens and buy loreal haircolor remover in a white box by the all the box colors. It is ammonia-free, bleach-free, and won't damage newly colored hair. I have used it on extremely damaged hair and it has saved my life at least 10 times!