Friday, November 27, 2015

deciphering Millenial customers

As an Etsy businesswoman, my biggest consumer market is Millennials.
Selling to this target audience has been a roller-coaster, let me tell you! LoL
So what influences their purchasing decisions?
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1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Millennials are completely enveloped by the internet. They don't go to the mall to see what the coolest trends are, they *tap*tap* apps on their phones and check out social media like Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, YouTube... Sellers need to utilize these advertising platforms to your advantage! Photos, videos, show off products and get talkative with potential customers. Millennials like to feel like their shopping experience is personalized- they want to feel like you value their money and loyalty- otherwise they could be buying mass produced plastic crap from China.
2. PEERS: word of mouth, especially via popular social media personalities, heavily influences Millennials in their purchases. They trust people their own age to give them un-biased reviews of products (which I find HILARIOUS since most popular Youtubers & Instagrammers are paid sponsors for companies, PLUS no one ever posts unphotoshopped photos online anymore so who really knows what the beauty/skincare product actually functions like OMG!) So basically Millennials are just a bunch of lemmings blindly following eachother off a cliff.
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3. MONEY: Millennials are used to their parents giving them everything, so now that they've grown up they expect everyone else in the world to give them things, too. They don't want to work hard or earn anything, they're lazy creatures. Of course their excuse is "I'm on a budget and want to make smart financial decisions so I can retire early and enjoy life"- but they're still shopping at Whole Foods while $$$$ in debt with student loans, what sense does that make?!
ANYWAYS, what does this mean for the Etsy businesswoman like you+me? It means these jerks are going to try and pay you less than your product is worth. It's annoying and frustrating. They're going to message you and offer to pay half the asking price- they don't even have good bargaining skills! lol so my advice: BLOCK THOSE IDIOTS! Problematic customers= nip that problem in the bud right now & save yourself the hassle! Because you don't want that person filing a claim with PayPal later trying to scam you. Only ship to PayPal verified addresses, always get a tracking number, and absolutely demand the customer return products before issuing a refund- scammers always try to keep the product AND get a refund. It's a scary world we live in, shoplifting has gone high-tech!
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4. QUALITY: Millennials want innovative, multifunctional products- because they're lazy and cheap. Take the successful "BB cream" for example: it's a foundation and skincare product in one, saving the consumer time+money on multiple products to get the same result. Millennials want cutting-edge products, not just new gimmicks on the market. And an important warning: Millennials are less forgiving than other consumers, when a brand lets them down they will complain online to ruin a company's reputation without so much as a second thought. So always be honest in product descriptions and photos...
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5. MORALS, VALUES, ETHICS: the Millennial consumer only wants to "invest" in companies which promote positivity in the world. No animal testing, organic ingredients, businesses who donate to charity or promote important social issues. Millennials want to be apart of integrity since they rarely can accomplish anything worthwhile on their own.
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