Monday, January 18, 2016

JOJOBA OIL as Hair Moisturizer, Detangler, and for Protein Overload

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Directions: In a spray bottle I mixed 25% (or less!) Jojoba Oil with 75% water.
Shake bottle & spray lightly and evenly throughout hair (damp hair works best imo). Now my hair is super easy to comb :-)
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My hair needs moisture, it's overloaded with protein = when I get out of the shower it's super hard to brush, kind of gummy, tangly- I can't comb it without being super gentle because it feels like my hair is sticky to the comb (does this make sense to anyone?) I can't even run my fingers through my hair easily until my hair is completely dry. But after it's dry it's great WTF?!

How did I put too much protein in my hair? = I was doing an egg protein treatment on my hair and lost track of time- left it on way TOO long. My hair felt terrible and I went into deep conditioning mode. I tried to balance out my super dry hair with a few "extra moisturizing hair masks" my friend recommended... EXCEPT I didn't read the ingredients list :-( ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS LIST!! The moisturizing masks contained protein and I threw my hair into 'protein overload' crisis mode. Ingredients to avoid: Keratin, wheat & silk proteins, egg, coconut oil (not protein but acts like one), aloe, avocado
Note: jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax, not a nut oil so it doesn't have high protein like other nut oils.
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So what's a girl to do? MOISTURIZE, right? HAHAHA, yeah. Let's just cut the crap right now and I'll tell you my secret weapon: JOJOBA OIL! Apparently Jojoba Oil moisturizes hair amazingly because it closely resembles the sebum produced by your scalp. And a little goes a long way (so don't overdo it or your hair will look greasy as Hell). Jojoba Oil moisturizes, strengthens, and helps repair damaged hair :-) YAY!! Unfortunately re-balancing my hair will take time so I have to avoid all my favorite (protein-containing) hair products until then :-(
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UPDATE: after 5 months of moisturizing my hair (jojoba oil, banana masks, shea butter based products), my hair felt good enough to lightly bleach- and it stripped some of the protein out, which was nice. I also now only wash my hair every-other day which seems to help. I can happily comb my hair without needing Jojoba Oil detangler now. My hair is not scary "protein sensitive" anymore, YaY!
  <<valuable lesson learned>>
It is so hard to avoid products that have protein! Every purple shampoo I look at has protein in it so I have to limit how often I use it. And almost every 'natural' hair product I see at health food stores has coconut oil *sigh* so I've been using some sensitive, moisturizing oatmeal dog shampoo I found & Pantene 3 minute conditioner, trying a few other things :-( Crazy how something as simple as forgetting egg can ruin my life lol wtf! I'm taking lots of biotin hoping my hair will grow out and be normal again soon.

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