Friday, January 8, 2016

review: AG STERLING SILVER (purple toning) Shampoo

It made my blonde hair color dull and darker, I regret using it- where'd my highlights go?!!!

AG's "Sterling Silver" toning shampoo is dark purple color... but will it combat the brassiness in my blond hair? I bought this during Ulta's twice-annual liter hair care sale for $15.99 (regularly $45). I chose it specifically because the bottle says "GLUTEN FREE", that's very important to me in a purple shampoo because I need my hair follicles to be able to digest the dye deposits efficiently 😜
wearing shower cap dying hair purple shampoo snakebite lip piercings blue eyes
As you can see in my photo STERLING SILVER shampoo is a very dark violet color but somewhat sheer.
It smells good like coconut.
before after pics AG Sterling Silver violet toning purple shampoo platinum blonde hair highlights
I left this shampoo on my hair for 5 minutes and it really dried out my hair wow dry.
And in these comparison pics you can see how AG "Sterling Silver" turned my hair color flat & darker. It no longer shines, where are my highlights? It's like my whole head just washed over dark, it's flat, stole my *sparkle*. This is really sad. Complete opposite reason I use purple shampoo WTF?! 
AG deposits TOO much purple = FAIL!
Now I have to use clarifying shampoo to strip it off.
In the before pics I had been using Sally Beauty GVP (generic) Shimmerlites shampoo.

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