Monday, February 8, 2016

how to: AMETHYST Crystal Healing Powers

 Use AMETHYST to heal & cleanse your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT:
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protection against negative energy- amethyst works like a magnet to suck in all that negative energy around you and transform it into peaceful, positive energy to heal you and create emotional balance

stress relief and easing headaches- the soothing power of amethyst allows you to focus better, improving motivation and leading to success

intensifies creativity and passion- amethyst helps artists thrive with originality

putting amethyst under your pillow helps fight insomnia and enhance dreams, including remembering and interpreting them

amethyst opens your crown chakra- use it to enhance memory, intuition, and psychic abilities

helps provide emotional stability and inner strength, especially in time of grief

boost metabolism and immune system- amethyst gives healing energy to fight addictions (like alcoholism) and compulsion (like helps with portion control/dieting)

improves communication between soulmates, promotes pure and faithful love, heals the heart- use amethyst any time you're fighting with your lover or you've been separated (like a long distance relationship) to help strengthen your bond
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1.   wearing amethyst around your head & chest area (the crown, third eye, and etheric chakras) so basically earrings or a necklace-- will allow the amethyst to stimulate your energy best. But you can wear it anywhere, keep it in your pocket, or just having amethyst in the same room can help yield positive results.

2.   a cluster of geode amethyst crystals is especially powerful, but any natural amethyst works (no man-made gemstones for energy healing). All shades and shapes of amethysts work, use what you naturally feel yourself attracted to, use your instincts and the crystal will choose you!

3.   cleanse and charge your gemstone! get a glass of water and put it in the window where it can get full moonlight- set the amethyst against the water glass (I never put my gems inside the water)- now leave the gemstone there overnight. I know this sounds super hippie LOL but this is how it works! Amethysts trap all the negative energy from getting to you, the moonlight cleanses the amethyst by sending all that bad energy far away into the black hole universe. Repeat this ritual as often as you feel is necessary (I normally do it once/month, but if life is really stressful I'll recharge once/week)
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Crystal healers have different methods for cleansing+recharging their gems; some use sage, others prefer burying crystals in the ground, but the most common is letting the crystals sit in the window sill for 24 hours. All crystals can be cleansed by moonlight, but not all crystals should be charged in sunlight. Amethyst is one of the few crystals that should NOT be left for long periods of time in sunlight because its color will get damaged! Other gems include: aquamarine, lapis, opal, rose quartz, and turquoise.

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