Monday, May 2, 2016

Eye Contacts 101 (my tips + hacks)

I've been wearing contact lenses for 15 years now, so here are things I wish someone had told me to begin with!
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1. use the heavy-duty cleaners daily! (like Clear Care)
These cleansers are serious business! they get off all the oils and dirt that regular cleansers can't. If you don't use this to clean your contacts you're not smart enough to be wearing contacts. PERIOD. And a huge warning here: the contacts have to be left to clean for at least 6 hours!! If you try to take them out early and put them in your eyes LOL it will burn like HELL! I'm a busy girl and don't always get 6 hours of sleep so here's how I work around this restriction:

I use the 2-week contacts, so I go through 2 lens pairs each month. I give each pair its own Clear Care cleaning lens case. 
OK- so I label 2 cleaning cases pair#1(date) and pair#2(date). I wear pair#1 and then put them in a cleaning case; next day I wear pair#2 and let pair#1 keep cleaning/soaking. I rotate the contacts I wear and they each get a full day cleaning so I'll never risk burning my eyes. At the end of the month I throw both pairs out and start anew. I never wear each pair of contacts more than 15 days total per month.
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What to do when only 1 contact lens gets ruined?
I put a fresh pair in my eyes and mark the new date on the cleaning case (so I know when to change them out during rotation) and I put that 1 good contact in a spare case to use in the future if there's an emergency [most often I will keep it in a saline solution-filled case in my purse for any on-the-go emergencies, see tip#4 below]
2. fill each contact lens with simple saline solution before inserting it in your eye
fill each contact like it's a little cup of water- this makes my eyes feel more moisturized and helps the contact suction better to my eye, think of it as a lubricant. I always put my contacts in before my makeup because this does cause a drip like a big tear. I think this step fights dry eye.
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3. keep an extra pair of unopened contacts outside your home- your purse, school locker, work desk, car, suitcase while traveling, gym bag, just any place you might need it

4. keep a leak-proof contact lens case filled with saline solution in your bag, refresh the solution every couple weeks. Emergencies come up and it's easier to keep a filled lens case then to carry a lens case and a bottle of saline solution. And saline solution is always better than spit or tap water if your contact falls out of your eye- do a quick rinse in the pre-filled case and pop it back in your eye!
*bonus tip: extra contact lens cases are great hiding places/carrying cases for vitamins, allergy medicine, etc
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DO NOT WEAR ACUVUE OAYSIS CONTACTS!! They are the WORST contacts I have ever used, they gave me insane dry eye. My eye doctor pushed these contacts on me and repeatedly told me she's never had a customer complain. That doctor was a LIAR! There's reviews all over the internet of Oaysis-wearers complaining about severe dry eye. I should not be suffering after 3 hours of wearing contacts! STUPID! It wasn't just the dry eye- the contacts would scratch and tear easily. And if I barely got eyeliner on a contact lens then there was no way the smudge was coming off without destroying the contact.
So if you're somebody who wants to argue with me and be like "oh I love my Oaysis contacts" then you are a liar!
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