Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fixing Broken Eyeshadows

Ever accidentally break your eyeshadow or blush? Don't throw it out!! It can be fixed :-)
I found a bunch of broken eyeshadows at Marshalls and the cashier sold them to me for $1 each.
broken Tracy Ellen eye shadow palettes blushes Marshalls Ross TJ Maxxfix broken eyeshadow using isopropyl alcohol Everclear makeup wipes
1.  Drip Everclear (or the highest % isopropyl alcohol you can find) in the pan & on the broken eyeshadow.

2.  I use makeup wipes but paper towels can work- gently but firmly press down on the eyeshadow and mold it into the pan. Make sure it's compact. If your eyeshadow is flat in the pan and not bubbled like mine here, you can use a money coin on top of the paper towel to press down & get a clean look.
drip alcohol on broken eyeshadow powder press pan FIX tip hack makeuppress down wet powder pan broken pieces tips tricks makeup hackhow to fix a broken eyeshadow blush powder cosmetics alcohol everclear haul clearance
3.  Let the eyeshadow dry completely before trying to use it (I wait a couple days)
pressed eye shadow pigments fixed broken palette MAC pan refillDIY broken makeup hack powder alcohol everclear tips tricks blush lipstick
It's not pretty in the pan but it works!
And if anyone is curious how well these cheap "Max Studio" eyeshadows work: use a damp brush and they're *amazing*! I love them 🙂 here's a pic, I applied the pink to my eye with no eyeshadow primer. It stays bright and pigmented on my eyes all day. Good purchase!!

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