Sunday, September 11, 2016

ITCHING!?! self Tanning lotions contain DHA

 When I stop using self-tanners religiously, I notice my legs itch like HELL!! Does this happen to you, too? I finally figured out the reason why: the ingredient Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It's like my legs get addicted to DHA after using it 2+ months straight... so then when I stop using (especially cold-turkey, WoWza! do not recommend!) my skin goes crazy itchy as the withdrawl symptom. It took about 2 weeks for my skin to completely detox and calm down. How stupid has my life become? LoL Hello, my name is Tasha and my skin is addicted to self-tanning lotions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the ingredient in self-tanning lotions that makes your skin change color. Lotions you buy at the store usually contain around 3-5% DHA, but can contain up to 15% (higher concentrations are more likely to streak).
In addition to DHA, many self-tanning lotions also contain Erythrulose. DHA produces a tan color quickly, Erythrulose takes longer to produce color--> so together DHA + Erythrulose help your tan last all week.
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I wanted to make this post specifically to increase awareness about DHA causing severe contact dermatitis. IT'S REAL. IT HAPPENS. So don't let any company gaslight you into thinking their product is better "for sensitive skin" when it contains the exact same irritating ingredient: Dihydroxyacetone.
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I have always had a love hate-relationship with Malibu Hemp Golden Glow Skin Firming Bronzing Moisturizer. I'll apply it after my shower everyday and have a nice glow year-round. BUT in the winter I didn't care so much about looking tan and I'd skip lotion every few days. My legs started getting SO ITCHY! I thought I was just having issues because it was winter and my skin was dry... WRONG! I started using the Malibu again and the itching ceased.
A while later I ran our of Malibu and just used a different lotion, itching came back! I switched to a lotion for eczema, still super ITCHY! And we're talking like I wanted to scratch my skin off it ITCHED SO BAD! I got more Malibu lotion and *surprise* the itching stopped... but if I missed a day the itching started back up. It was like a vicious cycle :-( so obviously something in the self-tanning lotion was the problem. I started googling and other people had the same problem with self-tanning lotions, the suspect ingredient: DHA.

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