Monday, December 12, 2016

(review) ALAFFIA Bath & Body Products (lotions, body washes, conditioners)

This hippie trapped inside me keeps buying these 'Fair Trade' products at Sprouts. I like that the ingredients lists are simple and natural lol makes me feel healthy! ...eventho hair is technically dead... ON TO THE REVIEWS!
FAIR TRADE = the money customers spend will never contribute to the exploitation of workers or the environment.
Embrace social responsibility with ethical standards :-)
Coconut Face Cream: lightweight, smells kinda girly like faint coconut, very basic face lotion
Coconut Eye Cream: this is a little thicker than the face lotion, I like to keep it in the fridge and apply cold
Coconut Body Wash: very simple bodywash, kinda moisturizing, good enough-- this scent specifically has coffee in it so I'd like to think the caffeine is helping hide my cellulite lol
African Black Soap: this works miracles on bacne, I love the tangerine scent, A+!
Coconut Conditioner: Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, moisturizing, acts like a protein to temporarily strengthen hair. Whenever I used the Coconut conditioner on my scalp my hair looked kinda greasy later, so I'd recommend keeping that on the ends only. Scentless.
Shea Lavender Conditioner: Lavender oil kills germs, promotes healthy hair growth, adds shine. Sometimes I use the Shea conditioner for co-washing (it has no coconut oil in it). The Shea conditioner makes my hair feel more voluminous after each shower. Strong scent.

About the conditioners: these did not make my hair easy to comb, there's no dimethicone in them, so I did have to use an additional leave-in conditioner (I like to lightly spritz super diluted jojoba oil as a detangler). I've used both of these conditioners as body lotion, works well. I've also heard of people using these as a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment (I've tried this but my hair didn't feel any more special afterwards *shrug*). And finally, I want everyone to know that from my experience: Shea Butter does not strip hair color :-) My purple didn't fade.
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