Tuesday, September 5, 2017

(review) MUAC 60% Glycolic Acid and 30% TCA Peels

I ordered a couple peels from MakeupArtistsChoice during a 30% off sale (always wait for a sale!)
Shipping: fast but they fill the box with styrofoam cheeto puffs and that crap isn't biodegradable, so yeah... Grrr...
I want to use these peels to help fight wrinkles, mostly on my forehead. I know these peels will not improve my rosacea.
60% Glycolic Acid peel
I think the strongest glycolic face leave-on cream I've ever used was 30% and that left my fave red and sore the next day. Alpha Hydrox 8% glycolic acid cream has been my favorite overnight face product for years, it definitely helped thin out my forehead wrinkles better than anything else (including retin-a).
In the 'before' pic you can see I have some open sores on my face- this is my new reality with rosacea (yay!). You're not supposed to do peels or exfoliate skin with open sores... lol you do you, Boo! My skin's looked like crap the past year, I'm trying the dang peel!!
OK LOL so the peel kinda stings on my sores but annoying/itchy everywhere else. Glycolic acid burned the scab off one sore on my cheek and it bled a little. Overall 60% glycolic acid feels like 10% tca peel on my skin, not bad at all! I'm starting to doubt this "peel" is actually 60%... Worried nothing was happening, I went against the MUAC instructions and left it on until it stopped itching *shrug*

Results immediately my skin felt dry, same feeling after using a benzyl peroxide face wash// 3 days later: My skin never peeled. Not even extra redness or soreness on my sensitive undereye skin, WTF?! My open blemishes dried out, turned into red spots. My skin doesn't look better/smoother/glowy anywhere on my face. I don't think this peel was 60%, nothing happened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lame.
TRY #2:before vs. during
A few days later I tried this "60% glycolic acid" again... and again a waste of time and money. MUAC must have mislabeled this bottle, maybe they meant 6% lol I left it on 10min *shrug* No discomfort whatsoever under my eyes and I made sure to soak that area- this really pisses me off. My under eye skin is VERY sensitive but MUAC "60% glycolic acid" has no effect?! I got ripped off.
UPDATE: I tried this on my friend who doesn't really use skincare but does do 20% TCA peels a couple times/year... And she SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER 😂 so I guess my face just is hardcore from using tea tree oil daily? LOL wtf

30% TCA peel
I used a Q-tip and used 30% TCA as spot treatment on my chest freckles. It burned & frosted. It was a quick,intense burn with no lingering pain after 20seconds (weird because with other brands of TCA I've used the pain lingered for minutes). No frosting. My freckles turned dark brown overnight. Slight flaking days later. My freckles look like nothing happened lol. Not the best TCA peel I've ever used but not the worst either.

Final thoughts on MakeUpArtistsChoice: these peels would be good for other women, but they're just not strong enough for my skin.

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