Wednesday, January 17, 2018

(review) Serious Skincare EYE DEMAND glycolic eye treatment

I want to like Serious Skincare because I love watching their shows oh HSN, but most things I've tried have sucked.
This junk is supposed to reduce puffiness.

Ok... I put this glycolic acid cream all over my eyes, wait 5min, then wipe it off... What could possibly go wrong?
Yes, it is supposed to be this brown color.
So I put it on: no problem.
After a minute: feels kinda sticky.
After a couple minutes: my skin feels frozen in place
After blotting off with moist cloth: no difference
 Do you think my eye looks better or the same?
Ingredients list has fun stuff: 
Caffeine: dehydrates skin to reduce puffiness
Glycolic acid: helps fight wrinkles
Sodium hyaluronate: good for keeping skin moisturized
Peppermint: promotes blood flow
Coffee: caffeine reduces puffyness
Cocoa: helps with skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles
Caramel: adds brown color

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