Sunday, April 12, 2020

(review) mesh waist taming corset from

I've randomly ordered corsets for waist training and fashion from Corset-Story over the past decade because they always have good sales. (Life hack: waist training corsets are usually heavy, thick and warm in winter! I often wear one under my sweater to not freeze in Colorado haha)

Mesh corsets are very popular right now because you can wear them daily and year-round. They're more breathable, flexible, and lightweight. The only pitfall is that sheer fabric stretches out over time.
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I decided to order my first "waist taming" MESH corset because had a good sale (buy 1 get 3 free)... But nah, bruh. This corset is all wrong ☹️ I ordered this "hot pink" lace and jewel corset...
I guess my expectations were too high.
The website says this corset has 10 lightweight "stainless steel bones" (4mm wide each). I suspect it's actually "vinyl" 🤔 because this corset is way too flimsy-I am tempted to cut it open to find out what is really inside (if I do one day I will take pics and update the post)
All the orange fabric is sheer polyester (itchy) and the white fabric is cotton. The laces are ribbon. The ad says this corset can reduce your waist up to 4 inches 😂 ok
I could almost close the corset, I think I chose the perfect size. But the corset did not suck in my belly pooch 😂 I don't actually have a belly pooch but this corset gave me one?? Ok... I just didn't feel like this corset was squeezing me in or hugging me tight.
I like the corset has a zipper. Busks suck sometimes.
I like that this corset has 4 small pockets but they're too small, like 2x2 inch. What can I fit in here?
And a gem was missing off the corset before I even tried it on ☹️ so I expect more to fall off quickly. Sad.
The "spiral steel bone" sample included with the corset is total bullshit because the corset is flimsy and flexible as hell! The sample is stiff and hard to bend- this is what I expected but not what I received.
Overall I'm glad I didn't pay full price.
 The shipping took a little over a week.
Marilyn Monroe tighten corset laced holding mirror

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