Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Testing TCA peels after Rosacea

I have type 2 rosacea and it took about 4 years to get under control. I used 100% tea tree oil on my face for over a year, then TTO with Tazoret, and then a mix (50% tea tree oil/50% macadamia nut oil) everyday and the pustules have stopped (5 months now). I still should be using Tazoret but I'm just so tired of the struggle, and Covid makes going to the pharmacy extra hard, so I haven't lately. Oh well I don't look too bad.
But the rosacea war has left me with ice pick scars all over my face ☹️ I don't know how to fix them- tca peels? 🤷 it's been a long time... Let's do one just to see if it's safe and if it brings back any more pustules...
I did 20% tca, a lot of my face frosted.Remember that it's better to do layers of low % than just using a stronger %.
And important: I'm still using my tea tree oil mix everyday!
Results: some extra small cyst acne did bubble up on my chin. The dead skin sitting there blocks pores before the skin peels off- I've had this issue every time I TCA peel. This is regular acne and not rosacea nightmare acne ♥️ thank goodness!! No pustules 🙂That's good because I'll need about a thousand more tca peels to get rids of these scars. (In the pics the scars are on the lower left of my mouth, on my cheeks and nose, and by my right eyebrow in the center of my face 🤦)
Update: I did another TCA peel and no pustules this time either 🙂 yay! BUT I did notice that it didn't burn when applied over the ice pick scars ☹️ I felt nothing. No pain.
I think that's a really bad sign.
* * * * * *
Try #3: I'm really good at taking unflattering photos, so here's some more! Haha 😄
I don't think I'll ever get rid of these ice-pik rosacea scars. It's so sad. My skin used to look nice
Look at these eye wrinkles 😲 
when I get OLD this is what I'll look like ☹️

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