Monday, January 25, 2021

(review) the Common Scents fragrance oils

I made this purchase (with my own money) foremost because I needed scents to make soaps for my Valentine gift. I purchased a few extra scents just for fun.

Spoiler: I highly recommend this company for their super-affordable, roll-on bottle ready to wear designer fragrance dupes. However, I do not recommend them to be used in soaps or candles or any other project where you need a concentrated scent.

Prices are low prices but you get what you pay for, these are diluted fragrance oils not "100% pure". You know this because the oils are being sold as ready to wear-- fragrance oils that are actually pure need to be diluted to be skin safe. And pure fragrance oils normally smell much stronger than this. Fragrance oils are used for perfume, soaps, bath bombs, lotions, candles, potpourri, and other projects.

But ready to wear, these scents are great! If you are buying the $2.99 1oz bottle roll-on fragrance oil then you're getting a great deal! 🙂 I've been happy enough with every roll-on I've purchased. Also, I think the oils smell better in the roll on bottles, I don't know how this is possible- but when I purchase the 2oz+ bottles the scent smells weaker (more diluted?).

Shipping: the company physically shipped my purchase 2 weeks after I ordered. They ship out of Utah. Everything was packaged extra carefully.

Inventory: this company literally has thousands of designer brand fragrance dupes to choose from, it's *fantastic*! However, their online system does not tell you if something is out of stock. The company notified me after my order that a few selections were unavailable.

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Common Scents haul review designer dupe fragrance oils BvlgariTom Ford affordable fragrance oil dupes Neroli Cafe Rose

Masculine scents 

I ordered mostly fresh-ozone type fragrances with citrus and woodsy notes (unfortunately I didn't smell woodsy notes in any of these dupes). I expected them to be light fragrances, but these are so weak ☹️ like if you had a son in elementary school who wanted to wear cologne, you could give him these. <--there, if anyone wants to start a reselling business lol "My First Colognes" 😂 you're welcome!!

Azzaro Chrome Aqua: drowned green apple

Azzaro Chrome Extreme: ok, but needs tangerine

Nautica Voyage: excellent dupe! This is probably the best male scent they sent me which is ironic because irl Nautica is always the weakest, lamest, most generic cologne 🤷

Bvlgari Aqua Marine Toniq: good enough but missing the seaweed scent

Bvlgari Aqua Por Homme: better than the Marine Toniq dupe but still no seaweed scent like the original

Versace eau de Fraiche: lemon water

Dolce & Gabbana Love is Love: cream+green apple, could be unisex, I think I love this

Escada Sunset Heat: delicious! fruity yet manly

Clinique Happy: citrus, it's a happy scent for sure

Acqua de Gio Essenza: lemony like the original

Hollister SoCal: ok but weak

Usher: good enough, but not sexy like the original

fresh scents small men's cologne collectionUsher sexy hip thrust dance white pants shirtless

Unisex Tom Ford scents~ 

Cafe Rose: smells nice but weak so I dunno

Fleur de Portofino: weak floral

Neroli Portofino: weak floral and a hint of citrus

I'm surprised these are sooo weak because all of the actual Tom Ford perfumes I own are SUPER strong! But I don't own these 3 so I will need to check them out next time I visit Sephora 🤷

Alexis Colby Carrington pink makeup veil hat champagne

Girly designer scent dupes~

Gucci Bamboo: this smells like I threw a wad of cash in the toilet

Escada Lily Chic: smells really pretty, I like it! This is the strongest scent they've ever sent me (maybe someone forgot to dilute it lol)

Escada Into the Blue: the original perfume smells like grass+watermelon, this smells like... ok, have you ever been to Miami? 🙄 throw a watermelon rind in a potato chip bag and toss it on the beach water shoreline= that's how this smells. This is the first time I've seriously hated a CS scent 🤦

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue: meh

Thierry Mugler Alien: this is pretty, I like this!

Thierry Mugler Alien Mirage: smells weird... don't worry, it's supposed to smell weird ("mineral+pink pepper") haha! 😂 A little metallic. A little salty. I don't hate it. I think it would smell better on a man tho.

Guerlain French Kiss: litchi fruit and plastic, reminds me of YSL Parisienne

Dior Miss Cherie: absolutely FANTASTIC! I can smell the buttered popcorn! I am *in love* with this roll-on ♥️

Dior Hypnotic Poison: this smells recognizable but it lacks the sexiness of the original

Dior Lily: this is my *favorite* fresh lily scent ever!!

Dior Diorissimo: OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS!!

Dior Addicted to Life: too musky, needs more peach

Marc Jacobs Dot: needs more red berries

Marc Jacobs Daisy: this lasts a million times longer than the real thing, haha! good

Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom: nice orchid, needs more pomegranate tho

Coach Poppy Flower: I love this!!

J.Lo Glow After Dark: The original has a yummy white cherry in it and this dupe doesn't. Don't buy this.

"Lick Me All Over": always delicious! Can't go wrong! 😋 

* * * * * * * * * *

And I live in Colorado, home of the potheads lol so let's see if Utah peeps can actually scent "Cannabis/Pot": ....umm? This doesn't smell like dank weed. Maybe they were going for a cannabis blossom, but then they drowned it in moonshine 🤷 

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