Tuesday, January 26, 2021

(review) Wholesale Supplies Plus: fragrance oils, soap making supplies

I purchased some bulk supplies from WSP
--they're rolling thru sales constantly, if you want something and it's not on sale just wait a week and it might go on sale (especially soap bases!)
--don't be fooled by "free shipping", the cost is built into each product's price. And you still get a $5.95 handling charge regardless.
--shipping is so slow!! takes like 2-4 weeks before they physically ship your package
--beware that WSP is buying up smaller companies like Rustic Escentuals, Just Scent, and Element Bath and Body... so yeah...
bulk soap base from Wholesale Supplies Plus reviewchopping melt and pour soap base for business
Here's something you might not expect: when you buy bulk melt&pour soap base, WSP seriously puts a blue garbage bag inside a box and pours the soap in to weight. You get a block of soap in a bag. And to use it you have to chop off pieces. It's tedious.
Tip: after you chop off the soap you need for your project, store the soap block in an air tight bucket or in a vacuum sealed bag (I bought them in a set of 8 for $20 at Walmart). Soap can loose moisture over time- you can still use it tho, just add a little glycerin when melting it down.
There's lots of soap bases to try out on WSP. I've never liked one enough to use on its own, you always want to add a moisturizer! The goats milk is ok but the 3 butters is really drying. (I suspect WSP might delete bad reviews on their website- or soap seller are lying trying to sabotage other sellers lol because no way is this soap "amazing!" And "sells out immediately, no extra oils added!")
The crystal clear soap base is really clear but it hardens fast and is difficult to work with. 
Going to try the baby buttermilk next...
When you order under 24lbs of soap base, your order comes in 2lb blocks- in the shittiest plastic packaging ever! They always arrive broken. So be prepared with some sort of air-tight container to put them in immediately. ((So Frustrating!))
Crafters Choice 24lb block Goats Milk soap basesoapmaking vacuum seal bags for storageBest prices for bulk Hemp Oil
The fragrance oils are good. I've rarely been disappointed with the scent. My favorite scent is "Water Orchid". However, sometimes they leak in shipping, I hate that. And the labels wear off which is bullshit 😡
Crafter's Choice fragrance and essential oils from WSP scent reviews
They sell other additives and stuff in bulk, too. Look at this HUGE jug of hemp oil I bought 😂  I also bought 50lbs of citric acid to make bathbombs and shower steamers. 
(you can buy baking soda cheaper at Costco or Walmart)
Tutorial Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers essential oils Crafters Choice orderdiy bath bomb recipe Sinus Relief fragrance oils Menthol

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