Monday, May 24, 2021

(diy) Suction Cup Teddy Soap

I wanted to make a cute soap that would stay put next to the sink, so join me on the adventure where I discovered a couple interesting hacks: 
I found this teddy bear silicone mold on ebay, but I was having a super hard time getting the soap out without damaging it. So I carefully sliced open one side of the mold.... Then I used these clips from Dollar Tree to hold that edge tightly shut (I saw online other crafters used electrical tape or rubber bands) while I poured the soap in and let it harden. I use melt & pour soap base because it's easy 🙂
I tied a rubber band on top of the suction cup so the soap has more surface area to hold on to. Let the soap harden slightly (5 seconds lol) and then push the suction cup piece down in place. It's ok if it sinks in a little.
When the soap hardens take it out of the mold carefully. The suction cup needs space around the base in order to function properly, so if you need to: use a knife to carefully shave off soap and give the suction cup space!

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