Thursday, June 24, 2021

(review) Timeless Trends Corsets

 If you're thinking of ordering from Timeless Trends Corsets then please read my experience first. I had so much WHAT THE FUCKERY IS GOING ON HERE??!! with my order I can't even 🤦I'll give you a quick run down of the mess and then post email receipts.

--Timeless Trend had a big clearance sale with an additional buy 2 get 1 free offer, so I ordered 6 corsets total

--TT told me 3 corsets were out of stock so I picked 3 replacements (*I looked at every item in my size and saw it was available before requesting it!... But as you will see, the website doesn't synch-up with actual inventory numbers...)

--TT told me 2 out of 3 of those were out of stock, so I picked 2 new replacements

--then TT told me 1 out of 2 of those replacements were out of stock, so I said CANCEL MY ORDER THIS IS RIDICULOUS 😡

--TT offered me "buy 2 get 3 free" so then my order is 5 corsets total instead of 6, and I'd only have to pay for 2. That sounded awesome and I accepted the offer...

--TT then tried to refund me the wrong amount (they wanted to overcharge me, RED FLAG!) and I corrected them, then they refunded me the right amount...

--My order arrived and OF COURSE 1 corset is missing. I contacted TT and they said 'well since it was free anyway we won't be replacing it and here's a coupon for 30% off your next order' [SCAMMY MUCH?? I feel like they did this on purpose so I'd buy more]

The packing slip says they put it in the shipping box- they did not put it in the box! 😡 After all the bullshit I just went thru, Timeless Trends us going to do me dirty like this?! WTF?!

Sidenote: the missing corset was part of my original order that was not out of stock. I ordered 2 of this exact same corset, TT confirmed they had only 2 left and they both were mine. ***I made the order specifically because I needed 2 of this exact corset to dress as twins in Hallowen!! I would have immediately cancelled the order if I knew only 1 was coming. WTF am I going to do with 1?! I needed 2. Twins are 2 people!

I would be less pissed if one of the "replacement" corsets had gone missing. This is bullshit! 😡

Here are the email screenshots, read bottom to top of each page.

Also, just know that Timeless Trends ships from Thailand. The business owners are in Texas but the corsets are shipped from the factory in Thailand.

Let's recap the fuckery of Timeless Trends:

1. Computer system is shit and can't keep synched with inventory.

2. American workers answering my emails can't do math. Might be total sleezeballs...

3. Thailand workers can't pull inventory and ship correctly. (Unless they were ordered to "accidentally forget" that last corset...)

Now here's some product reviews:
#1: This is the longline hourglass underbust corset I ordered 2 of and they only sent me 1. It has white velvet roses on black satin. Ties in the hips. This fits me more like a "slim" silhouette rather than a "hourglass" shape... but whatever. (Look at the next pinstripe corset shape- that one is "slim", see what I'm saying??)

#2: I do NOT recommend Timeless Trends overbust corsets to anyone with a small chest! I have a small chest and I ordered this pinstripe corset (regular length) in my size with the "small" bust-- and it's way too big! Like I have to wear a strapless pushup bra inside the corset to create any cleavage whatsoever. How sad is that?! ☹️ You can see in my bra pic above that I have a chest with cleavage- in the overbust corset it disappears completely. 
((And I just want to sidenote here: I have never had a disappearing-cleavage-issue with Corset Story overbust corsets...))

#3: And here is a pic of my new tweed hourglass short corset (waist cincher). The fabric is much darker than online pics, and you can barely tell it's "tweed" design. At least this corset actually has the "hourglass shape" it claims. This short style is more comfortable to wear sitting down than other corsets.
...My final thoughts? 😂 Whatever!...
I'd rather buy used next time.
I would not pay full price for these.

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