About Me

I don't always do stupid stuff- but when I do, I grab my camera! 😂 All my life I cared about science, but lately I just want to blindly try things and be *surprised* I'm here for cheap thrills!

Vital Stats: pasty white skin, naturally blonde hair,
 non-smoker, no criminal record

Background: My great-grandmother was born on a farm and rode a horse to school every morning. She coveted her box of 8 Crayola colors. And she is the one who taught me how "old lady blue hair" was achieved through over-rinsing hair with
Mrs. Stewart's Bluing.
cleaning happy turtle shell with toothbrush tickles gif exfoliating dry scaley skinPoor Farm Boulder Colorado 63rd and Jay Road

Exfoliating: The only physical exfoliant I use on my face is ALUMINUM OXIDE! Natural exfoliants like corn cobb & baking soda- even strawberry seeds- are rough and abrasive on skin. Gritty is bad. Don't do it on your face- but feet are ok, haha.
bad girl chola gwen stefani gif rock steady snake eyes red nail black lip linerHaters gonna hate!

I'm really good at taking unflattering photos of myself, so I'm just gonna roll with it 😘

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