About Me

Vital Stats: pasty white skin, naturally blonde hair, non-smoker, no criminal record

Background: My great-grandmother was born on a farm and rode a horse to school every morning. She coveted her box of 8 Crayola colors. And she is the one who taught me how "old lady blue hair" was achieved through over-rinsing hair with
Mrs. Stewart's Bluing.
cleaning happy turtle shell with toothbrush tickles gif exfoliating dry scaley skin
Exfoliating: The only physical exfoliant I use on my face is ALUMINUM OXIDE! Natural exfoliants like corn cobb & baking soda- even strawberry seeds- are rough and abrasive on skin. Gritty is bad. Don't do it on your face- but feet are ok, haha.
bad girl chola gwen stefani gif rock steady snake eyes red nail black lip linerHaters gonna hate!

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