Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vitamin C + Shampoo = Remove Hair Dye ?

I've read online that using Vitamin C can strip dye out of your hair, a gentle bleach alternative... but is it true?

Background Info: I have dark blonde hair. I bleached streaks in the front, dyed them pink & blue 2 weeks ago.
(Dyes I used were Punky Colours "Flamingo Pink" and Special Effects "Electric Blue")
I know regular bleaching + blue dye = green hair so I'm looking for a different way to strip the color out.
People on the internet claim this Vitamin C method works... but SPOILER: I tried it, they're liars!!
review Jerome Punky Colours Flamingo Pink and Special Effects Electric Blue hair dyesblonde hair Punky Colours Flamingo Pink and Special Effects Electric Blue dye
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Method #1: (this is the "helpful hack" going around multiple websites... don't do this!)
 chemical bonds ascorbic acid vitamin cnatural vitamin c tablets 500mg healthy ascorbic acid bottlehow to remove hair dyed from hair using vitamin c naturally
crush up at least 15 vitamin c tablets, then add a squirt of shampoo and stir it up frothy
(I'm only using it on my streaks, if you're using it on your whole head use A LOT MORE Vitamin C)
lather the mixture into your hair and let sit 1-2hours before rinsing
(wear a shower cap because this gets drippy)
ascorbic acid vitamin c powder plyers science experiment hack diyascorbic acid vitamin c powder plyers science experiment hair dye shampoo
I did this to the dyed streaks in my hair TWICE! that's 4 hours total! and NOTHING changed!
Look at this AFTER pic of my hair, do you see how bright those colors still are? No difference!!
I can't believe I wasted 4 hours of my life doing this crap! *ugly cry*
blonde hair Punky Colours Flamingo Pink and Special Effects Electric Blue dyekim kardashian ugly crying
  Method#2:  (aka "how to turn blue hair into a really pretty lavender/silver hair" unintentionally)
50/50 ratio of pure Vitamn C crystals + purple shampoo, let soak 1-2 hours

Bluebonnet Vitamin C crystals, about $10 from Whole Foods or Sprouts
(we're going balls-to-the-wall here! this is pure l-ascorbic acid, doesn't get any stronger than this)
Sally Beauty Supply: Generic Brand "Shimmer Lights" purple shampoo
(works as a toner so the blue hair doesn't turn green or aqua as it fades/strips out, that's ugly!)
l-ascorbic acid vitamin c crystals powder isomersclairol shimmer lights purple shampoo gvp generic sally beautyblonde lavender purple hair Punky Colours Flamingo Pink Special Effects Electric Blue dye
I would call this a 25% success. The blue hair faded to a *lighter* pretty silver/lavender color now.
Not exactly what I wanted.... grrrrr.... but pretty enough to keep for a while, yay :-)
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*Final conclusions*: Vitamin C is NOT a great substitute for bleach!!
HEAVY concentrations of Vitamin C can only slightly fade dyed hair.
So don't waste your time or money on this failed life "hack". Use bleach & 20 vol developer instead.

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