Monday, June 1, 2015

Hair Dye Reviews: JOICO & SPARKS

Joico K-Pak Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color "PINK"
this is the exact same color as Punky Colours "Flamingo Pink" 
Sparks Long-Lasting Bright Hair Color "PURPLE PASSION"
this EXACTLY the same as Pravana Vivids "Violet" dye, I swear it's just re-packaged! and half the price!
joico color intensity pink sparks passion purple hair dye reviewpravana color vivids violet purple hair dyejerome russell punky colours flamingo pink hair dye review bright
Let me start off by saying that my natural hair is dark blonde. I uniformly bleached all my hair a couple shades lighter, and had a protein treatment a week ago, to make sure it's in good condition to take the dye. We're starting with a "blank slate".

I framed my face with JOICO Pink dye, and then I threw in some SPARKS Purple Passion (1 thin streak next to the pink on the side, and 2 thicker streaks in the back). I let the dye sit for maybe 2 hours before I rinsed it out (Pic #1 on the left).
The JOICO came out bright fuchsia pink. The Sparks next to the pink got affected by the pink dye during rinsing and turned medium purple. And the unadulterated SPARKS in the back is a bluish violet color...
pink blonde hair pravana punky colors bleached dyed eyelinercat eating popcorn gif black white grey trainwreck OMG! keep watching! moviefaded pink purple blue hair dye blonde hair blue eyes earrings braid updo milk maid
After 1 shampoo the colors were still strong and vibrant :-)
After 2 shampoos the JOICO pink dye noticeably fades fast
unevenly, too!! :-(
but the pink on my hair length is still dark pink... this is ugly...
shirley maclaine pink hair gif sitting in a car pink fur diamond earrings.bad hair dye joico sparks pravana punky colors wash out die blond 
most of the JOICO dye stripped from my roots on the side, splotchy!WTF?!
And my bangs are pretty much faded to blonde
 with a barely pink tint, how sad.
pink hair dye purple fading away blond wet joico intensity pravana
At least the SPARKS dye is fading smoothly & evenly to a beautiful lavender color :-) Yay!
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Helpful Addendum:
I found this "official" equivalency chart for Pravana Vivids hair dyes to Joico Intensity ones:
conversion chart JOICO Intensity PRAVANA Vivids hair dyes dupes violet orchid titanium


  1. Special effects dye is the best stuff.... I've been dying my hair crazy colors for 20+ years, went to cosmetology school, and have tried every different product that comes out, they all pail in comparison to special effects....ones I've tried,kool aid, sparks, manic panic, punky colors, punky kids, joico, duckies, ion, Vidal sasson had put out permanent crazy colors they sucked, some box kit with highlights in fun colors, splat, new manic panic in the bottles not the jars, artic fox, and like ten others I can't remember the names of cuz the companies didn't last.

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