Saturday, July 11, 2015

review: Joico VIOLET Color Endure Shampoo & Conditioner

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In my last post on DIY violet toning conditioner I mentioned I love Joico "Moisture Recovery" conditioner and Ulta has $15 liter sales--- well surprise! I discovered the liter sale is going on right now thru July 25th :-) perfect timing, huh? Now here's the real *crazy*- I went to Ulta to grab some, and I found this Joico "Color Endure VIOLET" shampoo and conditioner..... WHAT? And I almost missed it because it looks exactly like the regular "Color Endure" bottles except for the word "Violet"- NOT smart marketing there, Joico!
Joico "Color Endure VIOLET" Conditioner Review:
Pros- lots of peptides, proteins, and no dimethicone so I'd be happy using this for co-washing
Cons- there's barely enough "Violet 2" added to tint the conditioner purple :-( so maybe this would be a good toner for someone with super bleached platinum blonde hair but not for a natural blonde like me = this conditioner is WORTHLESS at toning!
Conclusion: this is a bad toner but a nice conditioner and worth the $15 Ulta sale price, but I'd never pay $30 regular price
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here's a photo of my DIY conditioning toner next to this Joico Violet one ^mine is darker for sure

Joico "Color Endure VIOLET" Shampoo Review:
Joico appears as dark violet as Blonde Brilliance "Violet Lathering Toner" but it's not as thick or as strong (Joico didn't stain my skin or my bathtub). I was excited Joico VIOLET shampoo has a lot of peptides and proteins in it, I thought it would make my hair feel stronger & healthier... but really it just left my hair feeling slightly coated/greasy.
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Conclusion: this would be an ok daily purple shampoo, but it does not impress me as a toner. I tried leaving this Joico VIOLET shampoo in my hair for over an hour to see how much it would really tone, and it doesn't even compare to how great Blonde Brilliance is. If you want a neutral blonde color Joico is fine, but if you want ash blonde you'll want to use Blonde Brilliance.

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