Monday, May 22, 2017

(review) Perfumers Apprentice fragrance oils

ISO E Super- does not smell like anything but when I layer it with Dolce&Gabbana "Light Blue" OMG men love it on me! adds a velvety/sensual depth to perfumes apparently- so I bought 2lbs, it came in this huge metal bottle lol Pepsi in the pic for comparison And my google research says men can use it to attract women, too! Isn't that crazy? apparently 2 of my favorite men's colognes have ISO E in them which could explain their popularity: Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce and Christian Dior Fahrenheit.

Lily of the Valley- smells romantic and vintage, not fresh cut flowers. 🌼

Peach (natural w/o acetaldehyde)- smells like a warm peach that's been sliced and rinsed in water. This is not a sweet scent. I think this oil smells better very diluted. 🍑

I bought these animalistic scents to tease my cat & dog,
but they're only barely impressed with the Civet scent. Oh well, haha.
Civet essence- smells like stinky opossum pee 🐾
Tonquitone (musk) essence- strong deer musk
Animalid- deer musk blend, a little feminine, not offensively strong
Ambergris essence- slightly sweet, a little musky, smells more like a rotting flower than animalistic, strange scent

The website also sells flavor oils, good if you want to whip up edibles like lipgloss-
DX Marshmallow flavor oil- this smells really good! one drop is a lot of flavor, mmmm!

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