Wednesday, November 29, 2017

(review) dermaroller & cystic acne

4 in 1 Micro Needle Facial Roller by Revive Beauty ($12.99 at TJ Maxx)
Microneedling is supposed to work by forcing your skin into healing-mode. People use it for scars, wrinkles, pigmentation... I guess it increases collagen production, too. This tool will poke holes into my skin, so any serum I put on afterwards will penetrate deeper. Kim Kardashian gets her ugly face Dermarolled ("vampire facial") so it has to be good, right? Haha.
 This roller is kinda painful (and I have a high pain tolerance, so beware...) I used the 1mm roller on my face, up and down all over. Everywhere, over my cystic bumps and pustules. Afterwards I applied tea tree oil to kill bacteria. It stung! Then before bed I applied my serums and creams. You know the struggle is real.
The next day my face looked 50% better! All the open sores were scabbed- I picked the scabs off and it's only red skin no more pus! YAY!! (Normally the scab-pus-scab-pus cycle lasts weeks before disappearing) So the tea tree oil penetrated deep enough 😂 my skin is smoother and I almost cried.

OK, monthly update: so I've been using this dermaroller 2-3x/week and my face doesn't seem to be getting better than 80%. But if this is the best I can get I'm happy. Sometimes when I roll over the cysts they bleed or pus lol that's gross. I've also noticed dermarolling my forehead makes me sneeze.

Final thoughts: I like this tool. Most of all I like how it allowed my skincare products to penetrate cystic bumps. I will definitely use it on cysts in the future and any skin issues that refuse to heal in a timely manner. I will also be trying it out on my stretch marks with retin-a *fingers crossed*

One month update on stretch marks: I think this is helping the Retin-A penetrate and the marks are improving slowly. No change to my cellulite tho. And now my thighs/butt stick to the toilet seat lol tmi! I try to Dermaroll my stretch marks 2-3x/week.
3month update: I'm still hopeful but not much change

WARNING: you must roll at a slow smooth pace and not drag the needles, they will slash your skin like knives! 🔪

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