Friday, December 25, 2020

DIY Christmas Gift: Soap Ducky

I like to make soap. It's strangely comforting. I get to play with chemicals, it's kinda like cooking, it's a lot of artwork and creativity. And if I mess up- then I get to melt it down and make something new 🙂

---olive oil clear soap base at Hobby Lobby with a 40%off coupon (normal price is $9.99)
---blue mica from (in a pinch in the past I've also used crushed eyeshadow for coloring)
---snowflake silicone mold from eBay (I've seen some at TJ Maxx, too). 
---rubber duckies are from Oriental Trading Company (I've also seen some at Dollar Tree).

To melt the soap I used a double boiler method. I used a 3-4qt saucepan to boilwater. Then I have the soap inside a Wilton melting pot silicone pot insert sitting on the boiling water. The soap never touched the water. I like this Wilton silicone pot thing because it's easy to pour the soap out (Walmart $9 in the cake party aisle).

Mix a little colored mica powder with glycerin.

When the soap is melted, mix the colored dye into the soap. Add glitter, fragrance, and other oils you want.

Spray the snowflake inside with rubbing alcohol (prevents bubbles).

Pour a little soap into each snowflake, let harden a little. Put the pot back in the water to keep warm/melted.

Put the ducky in the soap and let harden some more. Put something on the ducky to hold securely in place, like a paintbrush or chopstick.

Spray rubbing alcohol.

Pour more soap in the snowflake. 

Spray rubbing alcohol.

Let harden overnight.

I know most people don't like to drown the duck in the soap- but these are gifts for my dirty nephew and I want him to use the damn soap before he can play with the ducky!

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