Sunday, December 12, 2021

(review) Wella Color Charm Paints (fuchsia, wild orchid, blue)

My Walmart randomly had a bunch of Wella Color Charm paints on clearance for $5.50 each- how did this happen?? I DONT KNOW BUT I HAD TO TRY IT 😂
My hair started out dark blonde roots, unbleached; and the bottom length of my hair was already purple.
I focused on dying the roots with Wella "fuschia", and "wild orchid" on the length. I let it marinate in a shower cap overnight.
My hair turned out awesome!!
Here are pics after 4 weeks and 4 shampoos, it looks great but of course it faded from the roots:
.Wella color charm paint.
* * * * * * * * *

Ok, so finally after 2 months I have enough blond roots to want to dye them again. This time I tried blue and used tge whole tube on my unbleached roots:
Blue did not impress me. It's really weak.
Wella color charm paints dye Blue Wild Orchid unbleached hair

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